Girl Adventurers I Love: The Ladies of WONDER

23 Feb

Wonder-bookThis post is a bit off the beaten path for me (and this blog). See, it’s not really about adventure in the traditional sense–but it is about Middle School which, come to think of it, is one of the most harrowing adventures any of us will ever have to face. 

The other reason this post is a tad different is because the main–and arguably coolest—character in WONDER is a ten-year-old boy, August–Auggie–who was born with a facial deformity. The story follows his first year in school as he learns to deal with the other kids’ reactions to his face. It’s wonderful and beautiful and sad, but–as cool as he is–I’m not going to talk about Auggie. Instead, I’m going to talk about the ladies of WONDER. So much of this story isn’t really about Auggie at all; it’s about the people around him, how he impacts their lives, how they interact with him and how his face causes them to consider the world a little differently.

There’s August’s older sister, Via, who’s both fiercely overprotective of her little brother, and scared that she’ll spend her entire life defined by him. And there’s Summer, Auggie’s school friend and the first person to sit next to him at lunch. And August’s mom, who bravely suggested her son go to school even though it terrified her, and Via’s friend, Miranda, who calls August her brother and buys him a space man helmet. 

Check out the trailer, below. And read about these amazing girl characters in WONDER. You’ll love it! 


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