Kami Kinard and THE BOY PROJECT

4 Apr

Today on the blog Kami Kinard, author of THE BOY PROJECT, which which came out in January, stops by to write about female characters, Shannon Hale’s THE PRINCESS ACADEMY and why she hates using the word “favorite”. For a little more info about her amazing debut, THE BOY PROJECT, check out her trailer: 


And now, Kami:

Oh boy, I mean girl, I freak out a little when someone uses the words favorite and literature in the same sentence because I love love love reading and I could never name a favorite anything from all of the books I’ve read. BUT there are some female characters who I feel are unforgettable, and one of those is Miri from Shannon Hale’s Princess Academy. Tiny Miri is considered too small to work in the quarry like the rest of her community. Because she cannot rely on physical strength for fulfillment, she must employ other strengths: brainpower and determination. Armed with these, she is able to fight bandits. Armed with these, she is able to stand for what she believes in, instead of what is being pushed upon her by society. Brainpower and determination are two of my favorite traits in female characters.

I could not say that Miri exactly influenced my main character. When writing THE BOY PROJECT (NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS OF KARA MCALLISTER) I strove to create a strong female character, so I gave Kara McAllister the traits of real females who I admire. I think I was drawn to Miri because she shares those traits.

Like Miri, Kara is brainy. She is does a lot of thinking, creating charts and graphs, taking notes, and making lists. She is a keen observer of the world around her, just as Miri is. And like Miri, it is ultimately through these observations that she comes to understand what is most important to her life, and it isn’t what she originally thought it was at all.

Kara’s story is lighter and more humorous than Miri’s, but they share a sense of determination that comes from a feeling deep within. Both are comfortable with who they are. This makes it easier for them to face their fears, their problems, and the world. Strong female characters are awesome. I look forward to being introduced to many more through this blog!

Learn more about Kami (and Kara Mcallister) here.


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