Girls (uhm, I mean, er, women) I Love: Ashley Judd

12 Apr

 Coolest thing to happen all week? When Ashley Judd completely pwned entertainment media with this insightful, intelligent essay she wrote about the sexist coverage of women in the media.

Basically, if you don’t spend all of your time reading articles that catalog every slight imperfection of women in the media, a bunch of entertainment websites had a heyday when Ashley Judd appeared in public looking every so slightly less than perfect. (THE NERVE!) Basically, her face was a little puffy and instead of oh, I don’t know–asking her why (not that it matters but if we’re going to play devil’s advocate here) they concocted a bunch of far fetched, strange rumors about plastic surgery and her, basically, losing her touch.

Ashley then became my ultimate hero by, as I mentioned above, writing the coolest thing ever.

Read the essay. Discuss. Add your thoughts in the comments.


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